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Race results & Guest Book below! The 16th Annual Pilot Butte Challenge was held September 27th. It was presented by the Oregon Youth Challenge Program, Rebound Physical Therapy, Bend Photographers GroupPilot Butte Summit Seekersand many others who love the Butte. These top sponsors made it all possible:

Pilot Butte Challenge Recap


In addition to the records, we'll be posting all 2014 medalists in the kiosk at Pilot Butte and other venues. Also, the Challenge Boards themselves have received a modern facelift.

Contact Us:  ButteChallenge@gmail.com  or (541) 306-8411

Rebound Physical Therapy

The weather was a bit chilly but perfect for running. Records fell, including one that had held for 15 years. Mario Mendoza came close to breaking the fastest time on record. It was an amazing event and everyone had a great time. Our volunteers were awesome as was everyone else, particularly the participants themselves,

Saturday, May 9, 2015*

3rd Annual  Simply My Best

* Tentative date, actual date to be annouced soon

Each year it gets bigger and better. Join us for this amazing celebration of Pilot Butte. It's both a party and the Butte's biggest fundraising event. Hundreds of business and individuals donate and pledge money that is raised by people (and dogs) trying for personal bests on the Butte. That can be distance, time, you named it. You'll be helping us raise all of the money and having a great time doing it. It can be part of the day or all day. Plus the Pilot Butte Challenge and SMB now go hand in hand. Money raised at the PBC helps with the costs of SMB which is the major fundraiser for Pilot Butte. The PBC is already a Pilot Butte tradition and SMB is fast becoming one as well. With more than 500 participants in 2014, SMB is here to stay and, like the PBC, something everyone must experience. The big goal is to make Pilot Butte the best health and fitness park in the country!

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